1. What is a Spiritual Coach?

A Spiritual Coach is often known as a “Life Coach for Spiritual People” or as “Spiritual Life Coach” – The goal with spiritual coaching is to find peace, harmony, happiness and joy. A Spiritual Coach inspires the client to focus on his/her own emotions and “inner voice” to fulfill the client’s personal needs.

A spiritual coach will work on the client’s personal transformation – The client will learn to see things from a new perspective, and will be able to deal with his/her feelings, needs and desires in a new way in order to find clarity, peace and harmony. From this place of inner peace, positive and ”real” changes will start manifesting.

Reach your full potential and find true happiness with Spiritual Coaching – Spiritual coaching will inspire the client to find his/her inner happiness, since external factors, like material things and people, can never make anyone truly happy. Harmony and happiness can only be achieved when we start listening to our emotions. This inner voice are always guiding us on the right path to our dreams. It is free from any limitations that stop us from being who we truly are. In other words, spiritual coaching is about helping the client to reach his/her full potential and blossom from inside. A spiritual coach can help you be the person you truly are; free from any limitations created by you ”ego”.

2. Do I need a Spiritual Coach?

If you are unsure whether or not spiritual coaching can help you, answer the following questions: Do you feel like there is something missing in your life? Have you been seeking happiness through material things, without ever feeling true happiness? Are you looking for higher ways of being? Do you seek deeper answers to your questions? If the answer is yes, you may want to consider spiritual coaching. But what can a personal coach actually do for you?

Spiritual Coaching teaches you to listen to your ”inner voice” – This guidance system, called your ”inner voice” knows what’s best for you and can support you to be in harmony with your personal purpose in life. Spiritual coaching sessions will help you realize that your inner voice is just as important as your thoughts and can be used as a complement for better guidance through life.

Find clarity and inner strength with Spiritual Coaching – Spiritual coaching sessions will teach you how to deal with feelings and needs, by listening to your inner voice. You will find clarity and your inner strength to break free from limitations. This personal transformation will help you to fulfill your personal needs.

Spiritual Coaching guides you towards your inner joy – A personal coach can teach you how to find true joy within yourself, without having to depend on external things. Spiritual life coaching sessions can inspire you to live your life in full consciousness, appreciation and joy.

3. What can I ask a Spiritual Coach?

Ask anything you want! Spiritual Coaching helps you find clarity in any area of your life You can ask a Spiritual Coach any question you want, about your work, love life, parenting, health, etc. Spiritual coaching sessions can help you find clarity in any area of your life. You can also seek a Spiritual Life Coach if you want to work on broader areas in your life, in order to find peace and harmony. The reason for visiting a Spiritual Coach can be the feeling of something missing in your life, even though it seems like you have everything, looking from the outside. If you have this empty feeling, a Spiritual Life Coach can help you find true joy without depending on material things or other persons to make you happy. Spiritual coaching sessions will inspire you to find true joy within yourself and live a life in full consciousness. In other words, any client with any agenda can be coached with a spiritual approach.

4. How does a Spiritual Coach work?

A Spiritual Coach understands the agenda and knows what direction to follow A Spiritual Coach must first know what the client wants from the session. After the client’s agenda is clearly stated, the spirits of the Spiritual Coach and the client can be engaged. The personal coach may ask questions and give statements which may be rejected or accepted by the client. During the coaching session, the Spiritual Coach will carefully listen for how the information lands with the client and will know whether to pursue any particular insight or not. A question like “Is this a good place to explore for now” will help the personal coach to know what direction to follow. A spiritual coach can work with different tools. Intuition will be mainly used, but reasoning and strategy may be valuable tools as well.

A Spiritual Coach receives information through intuition – A personal coach can access valuable information during a session. The process is to closely listen to the client and at the same time tapping into the immaterial intelligence through intuition, visualization etc. Without any attachment to outcome, the Spiritual Life Coach then shares the received information. This feedback will work as a catalyst to support the client in shifting energies and then taking action from that place of inner strength.

A Spiritual Coach is no ”Guru” and doesn’t judge – A Spiritual Life Coach is not a ”Guru”, and doesn’t need to know more about spirituality than the client. A Spiritual Life Coach doesn’t have to be a ”spiritual teacher” or a ”guide”. It’s important, though, that a Spiritual Life Coach has an active spiritual life, and knows how to surrender to “spirit” and let the spirit guide his/her thoughts, decisions and actions. A Spiritual Coach has also a developed intuition and knows the difference between intuitive information and judgment or opinion. A Spiritual Coach is guided by ”The Spirit” and stays detached to outcome during the spiritual coaching sessions.

A Spiritual Coach has integrity – A Spiritual Life Coach has good boundaries and continually builds his/her integrity. A personal coach works with the client’s own beliefs, and never preaches or tries to convert a client to a religious or spiritual belief. The client’s own beliefs are encouraged by the Spiritual Life Coach and works as guidelines for the client’s own decision-making and actions.